Judging Guidelines

  • Judges scoring for the Gymstreet League is not the same as competitive gymnastics scoring.

  • On Uneven Bars, Beam, and Floor there are 5 skill categories while Vault has 2 skill categories.

  • As long as each skill is executed a full point will be given.

  • If the gymnast falls and then redoes the skill they will get half a point.

  • The final point on each event is for form. If the routine is exceptional on form the additional point will be added.

  • Just because another competitor does a harder skill does not mean they will get a better score.

  • We encourage all gymnasts to compete skills at their own skill level in order to try and continually advance.

  • The goal is not to win. It is to personally advance as best you can and become familiar with the competitive environment of gymnastics.

  • Think of it like grading on a curve.